Run Hard When It's Hard to Run….Until You Get Hurt…


Well, the Spanish went back home to Valencia today, we lost Alex, and Michael, Francisco, and I decided to split up.  

I walked the 31.0 kilometers from Lorogña to Najara in almost silence.  You see, even though I´m alone, I still have songs stuck in my head, talk to myself, greet passing pilgrims, and sing in every tunnel I walk through.  Call me crazy, but I´m just not a person of silence.

I did miss my companions, but it is time to start thinking and praying more.  I really enjoyed the peaceful solitude as I hiked through the breathtaking scenery.  I was a little startled when I entered the town.  The arrows that mark the trail are a little more difficult to find alone, I don´t have any translators, and it is amazing how many more cat-calls you hear when you AREN´T walking with two other men.  When I found that albergue, I just about gave myself a high five.


Ironically, when I arrived at the hostel, many of the people I have met within the past week were already here!  Lucas from Germany, Klause from Austria, Acquite from Basque, Mariel from Switzerland, etc.- they´re all in the same hostel!  Michael is on my top bunk and Francisco is catty-corner to us.  What are the odds?

There are of course new people here as well, and I am surprised to find people who actually came here to find their independence.  I have been hiking with people who are used to traveling and being alone, but today I have met a different group.

I asked a woman from Denmark why she chose to hike the Camino.

¨I´ve never done anything by myself before.  I´ve always been dependent, and I figured the Camino was a good way to break the habit.¨

Another woman from Britain told me that her husband had died two years ago.

´´I figure if I can hike to Santiago by myself I can do anything by myself.  I´m trying to learn to live alone.´´

Personally, I cannot relate to this.  My mom says that ever since I learned the motion of feeding myself when I was a baby, I would not let anyone else feed me my cheerios.  Independence is just part of my nature.  

However, I was glad to see my friends here in the hostel, so I cannot lie that I do like companionship.  It is interesting to me that we are all here for different reasons, but we all chose the same path to obtain them.



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