Run Hard When It's Hard to Run….Until You Get Hurt…

Add More Voices In Your Head…Yes, You Read That Right….

Those of you who are serious about staying healthy probably know how important it is to stay informed. Jillian Michaels says she stays informed and up to date by reading every fitness magazine she can get her hands on.  Doing so provides her with a variety of opinions and information, which is tremendously important for becoming well-rounded in such an important field.

That’s great, but not all of us can afford to subscribe to a dozen magazines.  However, with journalism switching from print to digital, there are so many blogs out there with loads of information.

CAUTION: There are SO many fitness myths, so be careful with whom you deem credible!

4.10.13 Fitness Myths

Lucky for you, I am enough of a nerd that I have three great blogs to recommend to you.  I do not completely endorse anyone, but so far these three have pleased me with useful, accurate, and entertaining information.

1. Shut Up + Run

Beth is a 45-year-old runner with a sense of humor.  She provides information on running, such as training plans and treating injuries.  However, she also has a sense of humor that might make you fall out of your chair.  Her blog is concise and easy to read, so it won’t cut too much time away from Facebook!

2. Peanut Butter Fingers

Julie is 27, and I recommend her blog because of the delicious and healthy recipes.  She posts three times a day, once for each meal, and keeps her followers up to date on her latest workout adventures.  She is also periodically sponsored by clothing companies, such as Old Navy, and writes reviews on performance-wear.

3. Natalie Jill Fitness

Natalie Jill is a fitness model, but she has devoted her life to helping other people improve their health.  I encourage her blog for the recipes (yes, if you haven’t noticed, my top priority is food).  She is also excellent at pointing out which foods are “clean,” and which contain a lot of pesticides, fillers, and other nasty stuff we shouldn’t be fueling our bodies with.

So there you have it.  Be careful where you get your information from, but do not remain ignorant!  Even if you are a well-informed and healthy person, there is always more to learn.

Photos compiled and edited by Anna Kallschmidt

photo credit: <a href=””>Elle_Ann</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a


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